25 May 2011

Art is…

Art is an individual’s expression of the world through creation.  It represents feelings, views and meanings according to the artist, whether creating understanding or making an observation.  Art is often deeply introspective but it has the power to communicate to others.  It is dreams and philosophies.  The best art is powerful.  It can shape people’s views or ideas and make people see things differently.  Art can be sensory, emotional and intellectual all at once, moving us to discussion, tears, fear, disgust, pride, anger, lust, love...

My art? Maybe someday.

I love what I do.

From top, Dali, Modigliani, James Gleeson, Klimt, Cali Rezo, Tran Nguyen and Klimt again, go and type any of these artists in an images search and that is what I call great art, weird and expressive and different and full of emotion.