14 May 2011

Peerie Boy

Peerie is Shetland or Scottish dialect for small. Shetland, well, Whalsay in particular has a very strong dialect and I love to speak it. I can't believe I used to be embarrassed by it. What a pity.

I painted Peerie Boy with mixed media on 23"x17" paper. I started with a tea stain and added some texture with white acrylic.  I glued in a poem I ripped from an ancient poetry book, so old it was flecked and discoloured, and now I can't find the rest of the book to remind me the poets name, so sorry I can't tell you who wrote it, I wish it was me. I used pen to draw the little boy and worked into the painting with gouache and acrylic. Using pen has its drawbacks; there are obvious problems with the shape of the boy... but I think there is something there that sort of works...

'It is better to read a little and ponder a lot than to read a lot and ponder a little.' is my thought for today.