03 May 2011

Proud Rose

I thought this painting deserved explanation, very complex and intricate work, mostly achieved by the time honoured tradition of trial and error, so many layers of discarded unused backgrounds that ended up behind a thick wash of black egg tempera and scratched into with a pallette knife. I love to experiment. Over and over we go until it works or is left well alone, with the label "finished" tacked on.

The inspiration for this piece was a photograph which I manipulated in Paintshop Pro with posterise. I loved the bright colours and thought I'd try oil pastel and drawing ink on a 14"x10" canvas. It was messy, much too much colour and much too bright. So I left it. For weeks and months.

When I looked at it again I thought I would chuck some black on it, and I used egg tempera with black Indian ink to cover the ridiculously bright background. Then I scraped into the black with a palette knife, it was satisfying. It has been sold so I suppose the finished label will have to stay now.